Advices by Professional Employers
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It is not easy for us to find a good job so, as a job hunter, you need to understand what the recruitment officer wants to impress him gain chances to get the job. Since it is important, this time we will together learn what is really in recruitment officer's mind. To make it easier for a part of job hunter, I would like to share with ones who consider getting a job is important to him.

Professional Employers' Advices

Let's listen to what your future employer said!

- Make sure that there is no grammatical and spelling mistakes in your CV! Remember to deal with the requirement that were mentioned in recruitment announcement.

- The arrangement and form of the CV need to be clear, exact and chronologic.

- Tress the skills that are suitable to the recruiting requirements and the work that you are applying. Write in positive way!

- Remember that you are marketing yourself! So your CV needs to be united, and it's also necessary to express your best characteristics and describe the related skills and abilities in details.

- Mention the information in details, for example: "I helped the old company gain 30 percentage in sales thanks to the idea of sales good by phone that I put forward.

- In your application letter, you shouldn't mention too much the information that can be found in your CV.

- Your CV should be concise and concentrated.

- Check your CV carefully to see if it is suitable to the recruited job. Note that you need to show your achievement not only the duties you have done since this will help you market yourself better.

- Tell the recruitment officer about what you have and your belief that you will be the most suitable candidate that the company is finding.

You have just learned some advices that are necessary for any job hunter to gain chances to get the competitive good job that he/she wants. Just note down the tips think of the best way to write your cover letter and CV since they are the first things that the recruitment officer looks at a candidate. To get a job, what you express in the interviews are important but these papers are factors that you are called for an interview or not. Practice and do it the best you can so that you have chances to show who you are!

Crude Oil and Precious Metals Reviews
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People care about crude oil, gold, silver as something very natural in their daily life, so the information on how these products' prices go up or go down  is always in their caring lists. This explains why analysis on these markets will be valuable to not only traders in the futures trading platform but also to all of us. Because of its important, today we will have a look at the Crude Oil and Precious Metals reviews analyzed by Pitguru experts.

Crude oil futures are among the most popular and widely watched futures markets. So we will have a check at the crude oil market first. Crude oil is looking to rebound from a dip in the market last week, and now with the November contract being spot month with October expiring, I think you will see a bit of a lift in the market, especially with the WTI spreads and arbs having liquidated. The Nov/Dec contract has gotten to -180 which is a double bottom here. I like this to profit take and head back higher, and I think you too. For next days, nothing too important on the economic data front this week, so look for Oil to trade from $74 to $78 in the November contract.  There is an old news but I would like to remind here that the Enbridge pipeline is back and running. While waiting for the next week review, you can keep track with the crude oil and other energy products at daily energy price reports.

Next, we will turn to Precious Metals markets.  This week, precious metal once again on the rise as Gold barreled through the $1,265 resistance. It is reported to now head towards $1,300.  Besides, Silver also has a great ride up as it goes beyond the $21 mark.  There is an advice from expert that "if long here I suggest you ring the register a bit but still keep some of your position on." I like the $1,300 mark to be caught sometimes in the next week or so. To make sure that you know clearly the flow of prices, just check out for the futures prices updated everyday.

Markets are still changeable, our job is just try to keep up with them to control them. Don't let them control and make you lost!

About Premium Collection Strategies
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First of all, would you please answer me what are you earning from or intending to do for your earning? Once you find it interesting in options trading, I would like to share with you some knowledge in this trading since it involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. We need know understand clearly the market to earn. Now, get to know Premium Collection Strategies!

To many options traders, the concept of premium collection is not a new term. When you read about how to trade options, it is something you will probably hear of often. There have been plenty courses and academies opened to teach new option traders the ins and outs of options trading strategies with short trading. Just suppose you are new, now let get to understand the term clearly! Because the price paid up front for an option is known as premium, these options trading strategies are simply understood that you are selling options and collecting the premium. There is unlimited risk associated with premium collection strategies on options.

As you are new, what should you learn? Before you decide if this is an approach you will want to take with your option portfolio, you will want to learn the techniques for identifying options trading strategies and maximizing current market conditions. This will help you to select the options trading strategies which will work with the underlying conditions to provide the maximum risk to reward ratio.

When trading in these markets, you need to put your eyes at the market movements and factors since understanding which market movements and factors will maximize premium and how that affect your overall option trading risk is an essential part of writing options. Together with the previous lessons including pricing options and understanding the terms, Black-Scholes, and implied volatility, you will learn how to evaluate the required margin and weigh it against the overall risk of short options trading strategies.

Learning about SPAN margin which delivers a clear and concise view on how and why your account is assessed a margin requirement for each short option trading position you hold will help you much. You may wonder what it would be like to be on the other side of the table and be the option seller? This is natural wonder of a trader who has learned about futures options or has tried trading long options trading strategies like you. There are more than enough resources which will talk about the rate at which options will expire worthless, but that is a mere footnote when learning how to trade options. The most important thing you need to remember is how to preserve risk capital and make an informed decision when selecting options trading strategies to implement. There are plenty of futures options contracts in the market and plenty of combination to use when trading them. The best kind of trader is one who can use his knowledge and option education to determine which ones are most worthy of his trading capital and which ones offer the possible solid risk to reward or return on margin, and you will be that one when you master all. Don’t jump on the option selling bandwagon without taking the time to learn to be an informed option writer (seller), remember that!

To end, I would like to one more time list here the common statement that any trader in futures options trading was taught when they started from here: "Trading in futures and options involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results." However, do not give up, nothing is impossible. There are plenty of successful and profitable out there. The matter is how often you update and digest necessary knowledge. Learn basic lessons support your trading! Yes, nothing is impossible!

Financial Review for The Week of Jul 26, 2010
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Going around the commodity futures trading platform for long, from now on, I would like to share the weekly reviews I get from Pitguru to all of you guys who has the same interest since I know that those markets can help much. To start, I let me share with you the Financials Review in this week - The week of July 26th, 2010 - by PitGuru Frank LaMantia

"Reports that the middle class is declining should be an eye opener to Wall St. Those who put money into the system from buying cars, houses, or vacations are struggling. If you break it down further this means less taxes for the government as many are still losing their jobs. 61% of Americans are living pay check to pay check and 31% have no retirement accounts. The retirement age, although not raised yet, is a topic that has people concerned. People are looking to work longer because of the 2008 crash. Some lost their entire retirement savings and now have to work another 10-15 years to make ends meet. People who are desperate will work for wages much lower than those with higher standards. Those who have higher education looking for jobs have resorted to working in the service industry. The only problem is people may work for lower wages compared to those with an education. To sum this up, consumers want to pay their rent and put food on the table. Let’s call this weathering the storm and not necessarily trying to find a career.

The Euro has traded at 1.2937 and the U.S. Dollar Index has traded at 82.31. Should this concern Americans? The reversal of the dollar VS the Euro should be something to watch. Follow this trend closely as this could be showing money being pumped into the system in Europe. Also, this may indirectly show the U.S. may be having issues with high debt.

Earnings seem to have less of an effect on the market than it has in the past. Eyes are focused more on the economic data that is coming in and less on how companies are doing. There are companies that have low debt and high cash reserves. These could be diamonds in the rough as some of these companies remain hidden due to the overwhelming stagnation of this market."

Since financial market is not only the important one to traders, especially futures traders, reviews on energies, softs, grains, metals, etc. will be useful to your business. Time is limited, I cannot share with you guys all the free reviews that I can get. If you care about commodity futures trading, just check out the futures market reviews to get weekly update or the daily futures prices. In term of finance, the demand for immediate information (including information regarding converting currencies) is overwhelming to not only traders and investors in this trading floor, but to all of us. For extra help, you can check out the free online currency rate calculator for the timely currency conversion and exchange rate! Knowledge means success, don't miss any useful for you!!
Now, look at the chart for our review this week!

Just Expand Your Knowledge in Commodity Investment
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The lesson: "Do not trade without a good understanding of the markets!" will be always right to any trader or investor trading in all markets. And the fact is that we always keep learning proves all. This is also the reason why you are here to expand knowledge in commodity investment. I would like to say thank you so much for your being here. We have the same interest in trading. Yes, we need to keep up with and learn more about the trading platform so that we can make right on-time decisions.

Do you know what are commodities? Or do you have ideas, knowledge on how to do commodity future online trading? If you are traders or investors in the trading floor for years, these are not difficult questions anymore. However, we start from various levels of understanding about the markets, so sharing knowledge is not useless or redundant at all?

You know, futures trading is actually commodity trading while commodities are something such as soft, grains, metals, energies, financial, etc. However investing commodity is not easy that way. We need non-stop learning to get good results in anything we do. Now, just expand our commodity investment knowledge!

To talk about these markets, we will not ignore crude oil futures which is one of the news headlines of interest since hitting a high of around $147 a barrel and sending prices at the pump higher. We can earn the most news headlines.

Also, food markets are in the interesting list. Food is essential to all global communities, we all easily recognize this. Grain futures, it hit relative highs in the summer of 2008, and experienced increasing volume during the food crisis scare earlier in the year. Besides, it would be negligent not to include markets like corn futures and wheat futures in the list of commodities futures contracts markets at all.

Traders always put much attention on the day to day movements of commodities and futures contracts. Options on futures contracts are also an attractive setting for investment for it offers the possibility for some risk definition for the cost of upfront premiums.

Again, we need to keep in mind that trading in commodity, futures and options involves a substantial risk of loss. It is not suitable for all investors. However, commodity prices will continue to change with the needs of each global community. The world is constantly changing and the needs for each society can also lead us to investing potential. Just do what you want to. Join, learn and earn! Educate yourself on the risks and rewards for commodity futures trading, and find a broker who fits your needs. The futures markets are always evolving and we will want to try to stay ahead of the curve.

Liffe History: Euronext Liffe
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Being traders or investors in futures trading floor, you guys may know that LIFFE stands for the London International Futures and Options Exchange. But some of you may not know about its history. I don't let you wait for long, I would like to tell you something about LIFFE history for more understanding about the market your earn.

When currencies control was removed in the UK in 1979, LIFFE was created and started production in 1982. LIFFE had many issues in its beginning because of the open outcry system, which is how they facilitated trades. Management did not want to change from its old ways to an electronic trading system.  The lion’s share of the market had already been taken by electronic exchanges by the time LIFFE implemented LIFFE Connect. Until 1990, the DTB electronic exchange was created and took the place of the Eurex. And 1993, LIFFE merged with The London Traded Options Market (LTOM) and added equity options to its product list.

LIFFE became the largest exchange in Europe that trades futures in the year of 1996.  There was changes in 1997. The DTB started taking market share way from LIFFE 25% at a time. In one year, it lost over 90% of its market share to electronic trading. By the end of 1997, it only had 10% of the market. The bund future makes up over one third of LIFFE’s business. When the Euro was created in 1999, LIFFE Connect is established connecting traders globally giving LIFEE the market share it need to compete with other exchanges. From 2000 to 2001, LIFFE was helped with technology and became profitable once again.

In the year of 2002, LIFFE becomes a member of the NYSE Euronex. Not many people know that today it is known as the Euronext LIFFE. Then, countries all around the world start trading the LIFFE. Over 25 countries become every day customers. From the 2003 to 2008, it seels its technology to the Chicago Board of Trade and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Singapore also announces it wants to be affiliated with LIFFE and its derivative business. During the period, the is a special even that in 2007, The Euronext merge with the NYSE.

The growth of the industry has culminated expansion into many parts of the world. The technology LIFFE uses is being sold to government agencies across the world. Being in the forefront of technology has given them the ability to expand and generate profits.  The more that a business can stay on the cutting edge of technology the better, and the London International Futures and Options Exchange is doing all they can to stay in the forefront of technology while providing a great place to trade.

Some points about the history for you to see how LIFFE exchange has developed. When it becomes popular all over the world, we have the reason for believing that we are going right way.

Short View of Futures Crude Oil Makets and Oil Price Fundamentals
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Talk about futures crude oil trading, are you interested in this market? If you put an eye to the market, you might note that futures crude oil is among the most widely watched futures markets. People keep talking about crude oil prices everyday on television shows, in newspapers and magazines. Futures for crude oil trade on more than one exchange and are available nearly twenty-four hours a day. The channels are watched widely by speculators, hedgers, and the general public. We cannot negate the fact that petroleum products can affect nearly every facet of life. The topic is more and more popular in daily life. By that frequency, you can easily see how important futures crude oil trading plays role in our lives. However, we have to accept the fact that crude oil trading involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Nothing is easy to earn, our job is trying to learn to understand more about the market we join to be wise to solve problems generated. “Do not trade without a good understanding of the markets!”. Now we just view of the fundamentals affect on oil prices:

Fundamentals for Crude Oil Futures

Supply and Demand
You know, both domestic and global demands can have a unique effect on crude oil price. Over the last decade, India and China, two of the emerging markets, have increased demand for crude oil and that led many speculators to suggest that demand would outpace supply. On the domestic side, EIA reports and API reports are often key fundamental influences on crude oil futures markets.


So how? This is oil trading not wheat or grains. How the weather influences the oil price? It seems impossible, huh? But it will. Just think! Very simple, let me give you examples. Storms in the Gulf region of the US as well as the North Sea can halt production of crude oil both on drilling platforms as well as refineries. Or recall of the time Hurricane Katrina attached! Obviously, the crude oil market changed.? All are clear?

OPEC Output
On one doesn't know about OPEC. According to its name, you can surely know that this is one of the factors affecting the crude oil prices. OPEC production levels and promises for production can also add volatility to the prices. Any activity, even the smallest, all has its impact in crude oil futures markets: A scheduled OPEC meeting and speculation about increases or cuts to oil production....

I know you may your own knowledge about the answers. So far, how about your comparison? You may think of more? Yes, there are some remaining. Let Futures Crude tell you all about the oil fundamentals and more about crude nymex.

Grains, Metals, Financials, Energies News from Futures Trading Blogs
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Among the previous posts, you have already known what Pitguru brings to you. Yes, futures advices, commodity information, trade recommendations and the latest news around futures markets are issued from weekly reviews and futures blogs. Talking about futures blogs, experts will regularly write about Financials, Energies, Grains, Metals, and Softs markets to share and always update the latest information of what happening around the floor to all traders. The thing about markets is… (in Softs), Euro/USD breaks $1.50 and Weekend at the Borgata  in Metals), Gold selling of heading into end of '09 ( in Energies), Prediction (in Financials), Month end and new month (in Grains), and many more. Why don't you keep up with the markets you trade to have right decisions on time? Did you get the news to get ready for your trade? Weekly futures market reviews and blogs will freely support for your successful business! You will be linked directly to top of futures trading floor.

How to Trade Options? Learn from Options Trading Strategies!
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Since I know it is useful and may be necessary for you, I would like to stop by to write some words to inform you what we have more for futures options trading floor: Optionstradingexamples. As a trader in the floor, I know "How to trade options?" is one of the questions you would like ask for the answer. Or you may have ever wondered what traders in futures options trading market meant when talking about puts or calls, the bid and offer, if these are the markets you care and want to join. All, we can easily get support from this new resource. The course to learn how to trade options will help explain related things and more. With the hope of sharing burdens with you, options trading strategies and information will guide you the right way to success. It’s really my pleasure to tell you the source. Happiness sometimes comes from such the very simple thing. I share with you and get smiles on my face.

Short Brief about Options Pricing: What Determine Options Premiums?
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I'm in business and finance door. I know there are so many things and markets around this category for us to talk about. Yes, I'm also want to talk about one part of the field, options trading market. Since time means money, I want to briefly share with the answer for the question "What determine options premiums?" as the basic we should know about options pricing. Let's see. There are two components making options premiums: Intrinsic value and Time value.

Intrinsic value + Time value = Premium

In which, intrinsic value is the amount of money that could be currently realized by exercising an option with a given strike price. An option’s intrinsic value will be determined by the relationship of the option strike price to the underlying futures.
Time Value:

Total premium - Intrinsic Value = Time value

We can see that if an option does not have intrinsic value, that option’s premium would be all time value.

These are just basic knowledge and I think you might know about this already. However, nothing is simple especially things in trading market. There are still many new aspects for us to learn to be successful. Time means money, learn as much as you can!


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