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Advices by Professional Employers
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It is not easy for us to find a good job so, as a job hunter, you need to understand what the recruitment officer wants to impress him gain chances to get the job. Since it is important, this time we will together learn what is really in recruitment officer's mind. To make it easier for a part of job hunter, I would like to share with ones who consider getting a job is important to him.

Professional Employers' Advices

Let's listen to what your future employer said!

- Make sure that there is no grammatical and spelling mistakes in your CV! Remember to deal with the requirement that were mentioned in recruitment announcement.

- The arrangement and form of the CV need to be clear, exact and chronologic.

- Tress the skills that are suitable to the recruiting requirements and the work that you are applying. Write in positive way!

- Remember that you are marketing yourself! So your CV needs to be united, and it's also necessary to express your best characteristics and describe the related skills and abilities in details.

- Mention the information in details, for example: "I helped the old company gain 30 percentage in sales thanks to the idea of sales good by phone that I put forward.

- In your application letter, you shouldn't mention too much the information that can be found in your CV.

- Your CV should be concise and concentrated.

- Check your CV carefully to see if it is suitable to the recruited job. Note that you need to show your achievement not only the duties you have done since this will help you market yourself better.

- Tell the recruitment officer about what you have and your belief that you will be the most suitable candidate that the company is finding.

You have just learned some advices that are necessary for any job hunter to gain chances to get the competitive good job that he/she wants. Just note down the tips think of the best way to write your cover letter and CV since they are the first things that the recruitment officer looks at a candidate. To get a job, what you express in the interviews are important but these papers are factors that you are called for an interview or not. Practice and do it the best you can so that you have chances to show who you are!


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